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Members Rights & Responsibilities

Scope of Agreement. Under this Agreement, WinningStockPix.com will provide certain on-line financial information to you and you agree to the terms of this agreement. In the event that we offer new or revised services, your use of them will be under this Agreement unless we notify you otherwise. We reserve the right to change this Agreement at any time should it be necessary to do so. When the terms are changed, notice of the change will be sent to you via e-mail.

2. Scope of Service. All content of the service of WinningStockPix.com is furnished for informational purposes only. Our service is not investment advice. We do not endorse any security. We do not offer to sell any security. We are not a registered broker-dealer or financial adviser. We never provide personal investment advice. We are a publicly available service that furnishes general information that is available to the public from other sources. Any and all data that appears on our site is for informational purposes only and is furnished without warrant of any kind. You agree to hold us harmless for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages arising out of any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on the service, whether or not caused in whole or in part by our negligence. You should be aware of the risks inherent in the stock market. The person or persons utilizing this service herein known as "subscriber" acknowledges that he/she fully understands that the risk factor is high in trading and that only "Risk Capital" or "Risk Funds" should be used in such trading. A person who does not have extra Risk Capital, or Risk Funds, that they can afford to lose, should not trade in the market. No "SAFE" trading system has ever been devised, and no one including us can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. Past performance does not guarantee or imply future success. You cannot assume that profits or gains will be realized by you when you buy or sell stocks regardless of how you obtain information. The purchase of stocks mentioned in the data furnished for information by WinningStockPix.com may result in the loss of some or all of any investment made. We recommend that you consult a stockbroker or financial advisor before buying or selling securities or making any investment decisions. You assume the entire cost and risk of any investing and or trading you choose to undertake. All information contained in data furnished is for information purposes and is obtained from sources believed to be accurate and reliable. However, due to the number of sources from which information is obtained we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information. If you decide to purchase securities based upon information contained in our data, you do so at your own risk. We decline any responsibility and you agree to accept full responsibility.​

3. Company trading activity. From time to time, the principals of WinningStockPix.com may acquire, hold, or sell a security mentioned in the information furnished by us. All such transactions are completed in the open market. You are assured that we are never paid a fee, or otherwise compensated for the mention or coverage of any security, fund, bond or other financial instrument.

4. Copyright and limitations of use. All data is the property of WinningStockPix.com. and may not be used for any purpose other than your personal, non-commercial use.

5. Failure to access service. You agree that we are not responsible for technical Internet problems. We will make every effort to remain operational with adequate performance and response time. However, there may be times when our servers are down or response time is slow. You agree that we are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by your inability to use our service.

6. If you choose to subscribe to any chat room offered through the WinningStockPix.com service, you are expected to be respectful at all times to the analysts and other subscribers in the room. Excessively rude language, harassment, and demeaning comments, among other possible items, can be grounds for suspension or expulsion from the room WITHOUT REFUND for any time remaining. Please refrain from religious and racial remarks in the room and do not show links in public text to sites that are graphic in any nature, including nudity, racial references, and religious references. Political discussions are allowed in as much as the topic affects the market.

7. Indemnification, governing law, and Jurisdiction. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us, our employees and other representatives harmless against claims, actions, expenses (including attorney fees), and other costs in connection with or arising from any part of this agreement.

8. Applicable law. If any provision of the Agreement is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions remain in effect. This Agreement shall be deemed to have been made in the Great State of Texas, and shall be governed by the laws of the Great State of Texas.

9. Automated rebilling’s. You agree to be rebilled monthly for your subscription through Pay Pal.

10. Cancellations and refunds. There are no refunds available for the services that you subscribe to with the exception of the first month trading room fee. For a refund of first months trading room fee, you must have lost money trading the live trading room alerted calls only. Refund does not apply to other trades you took on your own. You must send a copy  of your brokers statement within 30 days of the end of the first month, showing you took the trades alerted in the room and those trades lost money. No other refunds.