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WinningStockPix.com. We have developed a simple, yet winning strategy that consistently finds winning trades. We have a well-deserved reputation for finding low risk, high reward, safe and winning stock picks. We offer a simple and easy to follow strategy and rules to help traders become profitable. We do all the research and identify high probability trades then alert you before the entry price triggers. All trades are announced with specific entry and stop prices before the trade triggers.. 

We emphasizes knowledge, discipline, patience and confidence. 

​​​​Provide low risk/high reward stock alerts

Whether you are a novice trader or if you have been trading for years, you can rest assured that we’re going to help you. We are committed to providing you with low risk/high reward setups. We won't call anything unless the chart offers a clean entry with a tight stop.

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As a 
 member you can learn our methods of consistently making winning trades. You can learn position size, profit taking, protective stops and most importantly money management. Winning at trading is about finding the right entry point that offers quick profits with minimal risk. With the monthly subscription service you will receive specific stock market trade alerts with entry and exit points, before the target price is triggered. More importantly we teach you how to trade like a winner. Even the most novice trader can easily follow our trade alerts.